Gaining access to the right capital can be challenging. We can help.

For a company in any stage of its development and for purposes of recapitalization, gaining access to the ‘right capital’ can be challenging, if not daunting, to even the most seasoned CEO or CFO. 1stWEST M&A assists companies in the raise of private investment capital in the form of recap company debt or equity in amounts of $2 million and greater.

Whether your next financial opportunity is an acquisition, an expansion or creation of a product line, a stock repurchase or a shareholder liquidity requirement, we will assist you in securing the most favorable financing terms and conditions in the current marketplace. Our knowledge of the market for debt and equity capital is your most important advantage and the most essential way that we prove our value to you. While it is your business to reach a competitive market advantage for what you manufacture, sell, distribute or service, it is our business to provide you this same advantage in positioning your capital structure to achieve the best solution for you.


As your equity capital raising advocate, we will manage the effort to raise the ‘right capital’ to suit your purpose while you continue your priority of running your business. We do this through a proven private auction process, whereby we prepare an Initial Information Memorandum, pre-qualify investors and coordinate their due-diligence. When the private auction is completed we review with you the competitive offers and assist you in the negotiations with the finalists. You then decide which one best suits your financial requirements. Our proven experience with this private auction technique will assure you a favorable outcome. This capital raising technique is efficient and timely, typically taking four to six months depending upon the complexity of the desired capital structure and the condition of the capital market at the time.


1stWEST M&A will also assist you in raising debt capital in conjunction with, or separate from, the equity capital raise. There are sometimes situations when ‘leverage’ in the form of debt capital or mezzanine capital may be the best solution to satisfy your needs for cash. We are proficient at advising you regarding the best sources for these types of capital as well, with partners and advisors that have many years of industry specific experience in the corporate finance business and established contacts and lender relationships.


Our professionals have successfully owned and managed businesses. We have a proven track record of raising debt and equity capital and advising clients regarding accounting and finance, strategic planning, product development, information and internet technology, marketing and public relations. With this experience we are highly qualified to assist you with the preparation to approach the best capital market available to you.

Achieving the best solution for your business.