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Selling your company is a one time event and one of the most important business decisions that you will make.  Upon the business being sold, you want to achieve the maximum valuation while ensuring the acquirer is the right fit for your company and employees.

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If you are considering expanding your business through a targeted acquisition strategy, 1stWEST M&A can be very helpful. Our team of experienced professionals with proven track records of running successful businesses understand what it takes to complete a successful acquisition. With buying company any acquisition strategy there are risks and rewards. Our job is to minimize your risks through a disciplined acquisition process and maximize your rewards by getting each step of the process right along the way.

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For a company in any stage of its development and for purposes of recapitalization, gaining access to the ‘right capital’ can be challenging, if not daunting, to even the most seasoned CEO or CFO. 1stWEST M&A assists companies in the raise of private investment capital in the form of recap company debt or equity in amounts of $2 million and greater.

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Our team at 1stWEST M&A will assist you in getting it right.

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