We understand what it takes to complete a successful acquisition.

If you are considering expanding your business through a targeted acquisition strategy, 1stWEST M&A can be very helpful. Our team of experienced professionals with proven track records of running successful businesses understand what it takes to complete a successful acquisition. With buying company any acquisition strategy there are risks and rewards. Our job is to minimize your risks through a disciplined acquisition process and maximize your rewards by getting each step of the process right along the way.

Our process starts by working with you in developing clear acquisition criteria. With that completed, we move into the research phase of identifying targets that meet your objectives. We identify qualified sellers and bring them to you on an exclusive basis. Once identified and approved by you, we move into the outreach phase of contacting each of the targets. Many of these targets will be “hidden sellers,” companies that were not interested in selling prior to our approach.

The benefits of using 1stWEST M&A in executing your acquisition strategy can be significant. We present to you a qualified group of candidates that meet your criteria and have an interest in selling. Bringing the prospective sellers to you on an exclusive basis generally yields a more realistic purchase price. A well executed acquisition strategy can be time consuming. Our approach allows you and your management team to stay focused on managing your business during the acquisition process.

Integrity combined with our breadth of experience ensures that your transaction has a favorable outcome.