Courtney Painter

Courtney Painter serves as a Managing Director for 1stWEST Mergers & Acquisitions. With nearly two decades of experience in the building material industry, Courtney has consistently demonstrated her outstanding leadership and strategic capabilities.

Before joining 1stWEST M&A, Ms. Painter’s most-recent role was as the Executive Vice President of Sales at Banner Solutions, where she oversaw the Residential and Commercial Sales Divisions, managing revenues that exceeded a quarter billion dollars annually. With an additional focus on M&A work at Banner Solutions (a company backed by private equity), Ms. Painter played a key role in the acquisition and integration of four companies that were brought into Banner Solutions’ portfolio.  At Banner Solutions, under Ms. Painter’s leadership, the Company experienced extraordinary growth and transformation over the last five years.

Ms. Painter is widely recognized for her exceptional commitment to team development and coaching, which cultivated a sales force known for its resilience and ability to conquer any challenge. Her analytical prowess, coupled with her innovative problem-solving skills and superb execution, positioned her as a true industry luminary.  Banner Solutions, initially acquired by Highroad Capital Partners, benefited from Courtney’s central involvement. In addition to being a shareholder, she also played an integral role on the executive leadership team, contributing to the Company’s strategic direction and overall success.

Outside of work, Courtney finds fulfillment in her personal life in Charlotte, North Carolina, alongside her husband, Scott, and their daughter, Dylan. She is a passionate supporter of Gamecock football.  In her leisure time, she indulges her artistic side by creating captivating abstract paintings.

Email:| (919) 518-4546