Bryan Taylor’s Expertise is Expansive, With Decades of M&A Work in
Telecom, Cloud technology, Cybersecurity, IT Services, and AI

Brian Taylor

Bryan Taylor,
1stWest M&A’s
Managing Director

Evergreen, CO – March 25, 2024 – 1stWest Mergers and Acquisitions announced today that it has named Bryan Taylor as a new Managing Director. Bryan will focus on Telecom, Cloud Technology, Cybersecurity, IT Services, and AI, sectors where Bryan has 25 years of experience as an accomplished deal execution leader in buy and sell transactions.

Previously, Bryan worked as a financial analyst for Century Telephone Enterprises (a.k.a. CenturyLink and Lumen). After an initial six years mastering the telecom sector, Bryan joined CenturyLink’s M&A team to facilitate carve-out acquisitions of access lines. Over 22 years on CenturyLink’s M&A team, Bryan participated in acquisitions and divestitures with more than $80 billion in deal value, during which Bryan led the transformative acquisitions of Qwest and Embarq. Moving into data centers and managed services, Bryan led the acquisition of Savvis. Then for the following 10 years, Bryan’s expertise expanded into Cloud technology, Cybersecurity, and IT Services, as he led acquisitions that expanded the company service offerings and technical capabilities.

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